Halloween is over and the holidays are upon us, so you may be wondering, “Should I list my home for sale now, or wait until the New Year?”

Most people assume that the real estate market is slow during the holiday season; they figure that it’s better to wait. But that very reason is why you could do well selling your house during the holidays.

Selling a Home During the Holidays – The Advantages

A lot less competition  

The already tight Metro Phoenix homes for sale inventory becomes even tighter during the holidays as fewer homes come on the market. Buyers have less to choose from, so you become the proverbial big fish in a little pond. It’s not unlikely that you may be able to sell your home quickly, and possibly at a higher price.

Extra-motivated buyers

When you list your home for sale in the spring or summer, some of the traffic through your home may be “looky-loos” who are checking out your home just for the sake of looking. These buyers tend to buy out of want rather than need and may be more picky. However, winter buyers are generally more serious and buying more from need than from want, so they won’t be wasting time looking at houses just for fun.

Here come the snowbirds

It’s no secret that the Valley’s population explodes during the winter months with retirees flocking in from colder climates, even from Canada. Many of them are looking for a permanent second residence, and your home might just be the answer. 

Festive neighborhoods are appealing

The festive ambience of the season can make a neighborhood look more appealing. It can cause buyers to consider a community that they may have overlooked before. Holiday decorations done tastefully, not overdone, can give your home a warm, comfortable, and inviting appearance.

Listing a Home During the Holidays – The Disadvantages

Despite all the advantages of listing your home during the holidays, you need to keep in mind the few disadvantages. First of all is the challenge of keeping your home “show ready” amid all the hustle & bustle of holiday activities. Many people don’t want to be bothered with people coming through their house if they have friends & family coming over.

While festive neighborhoods and tasteful decorations can be advantageous, if you are a Clark Griswald type you may need to scale back your holiday decorations. Too many decorations can be distracting or overwhelming. Remember the adage, “The eye buys.” Visual appeal can make or break a buyer’s interest in your home.

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Although there are some inconveniences of listing your home during the holidays, if you take advantage of the benefits and opportunities of marketing your home at this time of year, your home can become a hot commodity. It could allow you to start the New Year with your home sale already behind you!

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