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What's Your Home Worth?

Are you intrigued by the property market right now? Wondering what your home might be worth? If you’re thinking of selling your East Valley home, find out what it could be worth using our Smart Home Valuation tool. Just plug in your address and we will send you a report.

The report you’ll receive, with an estimated price range, is created using an automated algorithm that bases its calculation on local market trends and publicly available sales information. Once you received your estimated home valuation report, you can manually add recent local sales to your personalized comparison to update the valuation range.

If you have made significant upgrades to your home or if it’s in a premium location, your home’s actual value may be higher than shown in the report. To get an accurate, no-obligation overview from us, call the Donnelly Group at 480-792-9700 and we will determine the true market value of your home. If you are serious about selling, we will talk you through our process and give you a suggested listing price that takes all local market conditions and recent comps into account.

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