The home buying frenzy of the past year has cooled recently. Escalating mortgage rates and home prices have shrunk the pool of buyers, but with inventory slowly increasing, the buyers that are out there have more to choose from.

With these changes, sellers need to step up their game to make their homes attractive to buyers. Staging the home is one of the first steps a seller should take to appeal to buyers. However, there’s more to staging your home than de-cluttering and storing your personal belongings. Proper staging showcases a home’s best features and helps potential buyers imagine making it their new home. It’s also possible to make mistakes that can hurt rather than help your home’s chances of getting an offer.

Home Staging Tips

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when staging your home.

Too Many Personal Touches

Whether it’s the large family portrait hanging over the fireplace or your prized collections of spoons from all your travels, too many personal touches can be distracting or even off-putting to buyers. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the home and it’s hard for them to do that if your home is highly personalized. Best to pack up your treasures and store them until you’re ready to move to your new home.

Rooms That Feel Like Dungeons

Take down heavy or dark colored window treatments. Anything that blocks the light should go.  Opt instead for light and translucent curtains that accent the room without blocking the light. 

Getting the lighting right is a key element. A rule of thumb is to add a light source in any space with fewer than four light sources. These can include lamps, recessed lights and sconces. Use cool, energy saving LED lights and make sure all the bulbs in the home are the same, so the rooms look cohesive.

Ignoring the Paint

If the paint looks too old or too bold, a fresh coat of paint can really brighten things up. Neutral colors are best, but they don’t have to be boring. Choose from grey or beige colors and add the occasional pop of color.

Wrong Sized Decorative Pieces

It’s a good idea to decorate with artwork, plants, etc. However, make sure the pieces fit the room. Large walls call for large art pieces. If you hang a small picture on a large wall it will make the room look smaller. Likewise, if a single piece takes up too much of a wall, it can negatively impact the space. 

Choose pieces that match the décor of the home. You don’t want to have modern industrial pieces in a farmhouse style home.

Too Much, or Awkwardly Placed, Furniture

Having too much furniture, or pieces that are too large for the room can make it feel smaller. Select pieces that appropriately fit the room. In addition, you’ll want to arrange the pieces naturally. Start with a rug in the center of the space and experiment with furniture arrangements around that to create conversation areas. And make sure you have adequate traffic flow.

Overusing Artificial Scents and Air Fresheners

When it comes to these products, a little bit goes a long way. Overusing artificial scents can be a real turn off to some buyers, and many people are allergic to such products. When the weather permits, opening windows to let in fresh air can be a better alternative.

Neglecting the Outdoors

You wouldn’t get dressed up to go to a dinner party but leave your hair disheveled. The same goes for your yard. No matter how nice the inside of your home looks, a neglected back yard can send a message that the homeowner may also be neglecting basic home maintenance. It’s important to keep the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, and bushes and trees trimmed. You can also stage the area with patio furniture or a bistro table and chairs, string lights to define cozy sitting areas with hanging and potted plants. 

Contact the Donnelly Group

Staging your home can go a long way in helping to get your home sold. If you have questions about paint colors or any other aspect of home staging the Realtors® at the Donnelly Group have the knowledge and expertise to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 480-792-9700 or by email.